Shark SUP Review

The Shark SUP offers users one heck of a ride, and it is easy to see what all the ooh aah is about. From its affordable price to its design and performance, it is a great choice for beginners, and intermediate paddlers.

Before we get into the details, let’s take a look at the SUP at a glance.

What we like:

  • It is an affordable inflatable SUP
  • It is a quality board that is durable
  • It is versatile
  • There is a great choice of accessories
  • The SUP glides well and is also responsive

What we don’t like:

  • It could be a little lighter
  • Its 30-inch width means it isn’t as stable as it could be

The Shark All-Round SUP measures around 10 feet and 6 inches, is 6 inches thick and weighs 24 pounds. What this means is you have a paddle board that performs equally well in rivers and lakes as well as the ocean.

Like most inflatable SUPs nowadays, the Shark 10’6” is well made using a military grade PVC that can withstand serious wear and tear, and a drop stitch finish that adds to its durability. It has a weight capacity of around 220 pounds.

As you would expect, there are two small side fins as well as a 9-inch fin that can be removed if you are in shallow water.  This tri-fin setup allows the board to track well.

What catches most people’s attention is the shape and design. It has a pointier nose when compared to other SUPs, and the tail is noticeably tapered. This helps the board pick up speed and it contributes to it gliding smoothly on flat water.

We also have to mention the very cool red and white color combo which makes it more visible out on the water. The red sharks on the traction pad are a nice touch.

But what else can you expect from the Shark 10’6” inflatable?

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Important Features of the Shark SUP

The Shark SUP offers a lot of great features that you would expect to find on boards two to three times the price, including D-rings, bungee cords, and some really cool accessories, to name a few.


The Shark SUP has six D-rings; four in front, one at the back and one underneath. The four front D-rings can be used with the bungee cords to store additional items, while the back ring is for the leash. The sixth one, which is under the nose, is used to tow the board.

Bungee cords

Bungee cords are pretty much a necessity when it comes to a SUP. And these are positioned perfectly. You are able to store small as well as larger items, as well as a little extra for when you are cruising or touring.

Adjustable paddle

The adjustable paddle comes in two pieces and is easy to assemble. More experienced paddlers might find it a little heavier than they would like, but it works well. Depending on your height, the paddle is adjustable, which means no sore backs at the end of the day.

Carry handle

Even though a carry handle won’t make a difference in how the board performs on the water, it certainly makes it easier moving the board from one spot to another. A few users have mentioned that it could do with more padding, but if you are only carrying the SUP a short distance, it gets the job done.


The Shark SUP comes with some very cool accessories including a backpack, a leash,  a pump with a built-in pressure gauge, a repair kit, and even a waterproof phone case.


The backpack is well-made, looks great and best of all, it is functional. The full front zipper means it is easy to get the board in and out, which can often be a problem. And instead of worrying about space for the leash, repair kit and pump, there is a handy pocket in the front of the bag that holds everything, as well as a few extras.

Padded shoulder straps and a chest strap make carrying it on your back comfortable and convenient, while the two wheels at the bottom let you roll it if you prefer. We especially like the two legs at the bottom that keep the bag upright, although it will still tip over depending on how you have packed it.


With it being an inflatable, a pump is a necessity and this double action one will have your board inflated and ready to go in a couple of minutes.

The built-in pressure gauge has three color zones to let you know your progress. So, for example, when you are in the yellow zone your board isn’t inflated enough, the red zone means you have pumped it up too much and the green, well that means you are ready to hit the water.

Ankle leash

An ankle leash is handy in that it keeps you connected to your SUP if you fall off. This one attaches to the D-ring on your board and is 10-feet long.

Waterproof phone case

The waterproof phone case is another convenient little accessory that you probably didn’t think you needed. And the transparent window allows you to see your phone’s screen without having to take it out.

Repair kit

You also get a repair kit with your Shark SUP, which includes glue, a few patches as well as a valve tool.

The Shark 10’6” Touring SUP is a great choice for newbies just starting out. But it will also work well for intermediate paddlers and pros who are looking for an affordable board that performs well on flat water and in the ocean.

Everything you need is included, and you won’t need to spend additional money on a pump, a repair kit or a carry bag. The adjustable paddle works well, although more experienced SUPers might want to replace it with something a little lighter.

Some users feel the board is a little heavy when it is inflated, while others would prefer the carry handle to have a bit more padding, but given the quality, craftsmanship, and price, neither of these negatives are dealbreakers.

Check Shark SUP Reviews & Price