Pflueger President Spinning Reel Review – Top Components & Value

Nothing compares to a drag so smooth as your rod bends over and line slowly lets off the spool. The Pflueger President spinning reel achieves exactly that with an assembly of only the highest quality components and top of the line technology. Anglers have 5 different size models to choose from when selecting the Pflueger President and a wide variety of uses.

Spinning reels come in ranges defined by value and price. You have your cheap, medium, expensive, and top of the line reels in the simplest breakdown. Of course different levels of reels exist within this basic structure but the point is this. Within each class of spinning reel a few superior models always rise to the top.

Our Pflueger President review delves into exactly why so many fishermen rave about its performance. The 10 stainless steel corrosion resistant ball bearing system has something to do with it. The reel includes an extremely tough and durable graphite body and rotor which cost less than steel but are still built to last.

The Pflueger President Specifications And Models

The Pflueger President Comes In 5 Models

• 6920X     • 6925X     • 6930X     • 6935X     • 6940X

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The 6920X starts the line as the smallest model and qualifies as an ultralight spinning reel. Thin 2 pound mono line gives fishermen 200 yards to play with on this model. Jumping up to the largest model (6940X) reveals spool capacity up to 195 yards of 12 pound mono line.

We talked about drag resistance and the Pflueger President has plenty. The lightest model pulls at a max of 6 pounds while the heaviest puts on 12 pounds of fighting resistance.

The Pflueger President spinning reels are light and range from 5.9 ounces up to 10.9 oz. A gear ratio of 5.2:1 helps with fast line retrieval consistently across all models of the reel.

Key Features – Pflueger President Review

Value in the Pflueger President spinning reel lies mostly in a sturdy build which uses high quality parts through and through. Still, several features make the reel much more than simple. Have a look for yourself.

9 + 1 Anti Reverse Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Bearings

This feature when paired with the 5.2:1 gear ratio results in effortless spin upon retrieve. The anti reverse bearing prevents the reel from spinning backwards in an instant.

Graphite Frame

The body and rotor of the Pflueger President consist of a hard and durable yet lightweight graphite material. Graphite proves to build much stronger reels than plastic or even cheap aluminum and it holds up better over the test of time.

Braid To Spool

Pfluger builds into the President a braid ready spool. Anglers need not worry about monofilament backing designed to prevent braid from slipping. A thin rubber strip from top to bottom of the spool helps grip braided line and circular grooves around the spool provide notches for the braid to lay in. One feature grips the line while the other provides a firm line foundation.

Stainless Steel Oil Felt Drag

Drag washers in the President spinning reel receive constant lubrication provided by and oil felt. The felt attaches to a stainless steel pin which not only lubricates but helps protect from debris and corrosion.

Anodized Aluminum Spool And Bail Wire

Anodized aluminum remains one of the hardest yet lightest metals known to man. It comprises both the spool and the bail wire of Pflueger President spinning reels. Small well placed holes in the spool reduce weight which helps keep the overall reel light.

The Pflueger President defies the stereotype of a reel defined by one outstanding feature. A conglomeration of features better describe this spinning reel and together provide a powerful unit.

Our Opinion Of The Pflueger President Spinning Reel


Three major positives stand out when viewing the whole picture of the Pflueger President which make it supreme in class.

First, the reel composition stands tough against natural elements and time. High quality components go into the design which all adds up to value in durability.

Second, the Pflueger President performs incredibly well in a variety of fishing situations. The combination of features and models allow targeting of the most delicate trout to feisty lunker largemouth bass.

Third, Pflueger puts the President line of spinning reels on the market for a steal. The cost of the reel barely puts a dent in budget and buyers get way more than payed for.

The value of the Pflueger President spinning reel runs deep. We calculate value in a spinning reel by price when compared to function and durability. When a reel hits high on all three the big time waits for it at the top.


The most common complaint concerning the Pflueger President involves snapping of the reel at the rod seat which happens for two reasons. Either a manufacturer defect existed in the mold of the frame or the reel sits for extended periods in the sun. Concentrated sunlight for long periods of time turns graphite brittle and snapping occurs usually at the weakest spot.

A small amount of other reel defects like malfunctioning anti reverse appear in customer reviews which unfortunately happens with mass produced reels priced so cheap. In the poor circumstance this happens to you be sure to take full advantage of the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Final Opinion

Let’s start with the negatives but be realistic. The Pflueger President falls short of the perfect spinning reel though it never had a chance at that. Mass production does result in manufacturer error and graphite won’t last forever especially if not cared for.

A small amount of negative reports hardly constitutes cause for concern in a spinning reel priced so cheap and packed with so much promise. Proper care of freshwater rinsing after each use along with storage out of extreme conditions preserves the reel and extends the value of your purchase.

Our Pflueger President reel review gives the thumbs up on question of purchase. The price vs. performance vs. durability factor scores near the top with a slight ding in durability which places the Pflueger President top of class in value.

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