Kayak vs Canoe: Pros & Cons

Kayak vs Canoe Pros Cons

With summer upon us, one of best activities we can do to really feel a part of that summer lifestyle is by spending time on the water. Whether it’s on a motorized boat or just swimming in the water, no … Read more

Shimano Tallus Blue Water Review

These rods have a simple clear mission.  They have fast tips and light but sturdy barrels to let you know quickly what has hit your line while providing you with the rod strength to bring it in.  As the “Blue … Read more

Shimano Sienna Review

Shimano is known for creating affordable reels that are versatile and can last through epic fishing trips whether it be on the ocean or your local lake. With the Shimano Sienna, the company has built a reel that has several … Read more

Avet Reels Review

Many people go fishing when work is slow, but the founders of Avet topped that.  When these talented machinists faced a downturn in the market for their fiber optic connectors they decided to revolutionize the fishing industry with the production … Read more

Old Town Vapor 10 Kayak Review

Fishing from the shoreline can get a little boring after a while, especially if you want to be a part of the action, on the water. You could get yourself a motorboat, but that’s quite an investment, and you’ll need … Read more

Penn Pursuit 2 Review

The Penn Pursuit 2 meets all the basic requirements an angler needs in a spinning reel for mid-size saltwater and top size freshwater fishing at the very affordable price of $40.    The second generation of the product was released in … Read more

Optima Yellow Top D35 Battery Review

This moderately priced and fully capable dual purpose battery is well-suited for a wide range of boaters looking for a single battery to handle their engine cranking and deep cycling needs.  It is light and durable, but it still provides … Read more

Best Pontoon Boat Covers for the Money

Want to know what really gets our goat? When we see a pontoon that costs thousands of dollars without a cover? Surely if you’ve got the cash to splash out on the boat, spending another hundred or two shouldn’t be … Read more

All About Pontoon Boat Speed

Pontoon boats are a great source of entertainment for people who enjoy spending time on the water. Whether you are fishing, waterskiing, or simply enjoying some quality time with friends and family, pontoon boating can be a very rewarding experience. … Read more

Best Camping Tents

Adventure, they say, fuels our lives. For people who love to partake adventures on a regular basis, be it a treacherous climb or a peaceful trek, there is nothing more important than to have the gear to back your spirit. … Read more

Cheap Fish Finders – Should I Buy One?

Cheap Fish Finders

Cheap fish finders are normally priced much lower than the rod that you hold. However, are they really worth the extra investment, or should you wait until you can afford a better one? If you are completely new to using … Read more

How to Read a Fish Finder

How To Read a Fish Finder

Fish finders are for the serious fisherman. Whether you would like to depend on catching a fish routinely for food, or simply are sick of fishing all day with no reward, a fish finder is a popular tool to use. … Read more

Kayak Fishing Tips: Ask the Experts

Kayak Fishing Tips

Once your rod starts to bend and you know that you have a big fish on the hook, you will realize that fishing is not just another hobby. Fishing is the most inexpensive, versatile and adventurous outdoor activity. If you … Read more

Fish Finder Tips & Tricks

A fish finder is a useful tool in helping an amateur to professional fisherman spend less time guessing where they should cast. Additionally, they can provide valuable information which will make catching fish much easier. However, all of the best … Read more

Fish Finder Brands

Fish Finder Brands

Getting a fish finder which is both top-quality and within your budget is something which requires careful research. Perhaps the most important thing you should first consider is the manufacturer of the fish finder. Since many brands have tested designs … Read more

Best 6 Person Tent Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Although it can be fun to go camping in large groups, it can be difficult to have enough space and supplies for everyone in your party without careful planning. After all, a camper’s worst nightmare is to begin setting up … Read more