Optima Blue Top D34M Review


This battery is very powerful dual-purpose battery with nominal voltage of 12 volts. With dimensions 10.06 inches by 6.88 inches by 7.94 inches and weight of around 45 pounds this battery is easily transportable. It comes with 750 A cold cranking amps and 870 A marine cranking amps. When it is fully charged, its internal resistance is 0.0028 ohms, which makes it a marine battery with quite low internal resistance. This Optima battery has AGM design and Spiralcell technology, which offers more reliability and better performance, making it one of the best dual-purpose batteries.

Special features and specifications

  • 12 volts of power and it belongs to group 34.
  • 750 A cold cranking amps and 870 A cranking amps.
  • This is suitable for multiple accessory loads.
  • This battery is applicable for dual-purpose needs, which increases the utility option of the battery. It can be used for starting and powering.
  • AGM design offers spill proof feature and good mounting flexibility along with maintenance free operations.   
  • There is no current limit for this battery until the temperature remains under 51.7 ° C
  • It provides 2 amp current constantly for every one hour of use and it has capacity of 55 Ah and reserve capacity of 120 minutes with 25 amps discharge at 80° F.
  • Stud posts are 5/16 inches tall and made of stainless steel and it has dual SAE top.
  • Alternator or battery charger with voltage power of 13.65 to 15.0 volts can charge this battery. For rapid recharge, the battery should be charged with a constant voltage charger with maximum voltage of 15.6 volts.
  • This battery gets fully recharged at approximately 6-12 hours of charging.
  • It is resistant to heavy vibrations and weather proof, due to which it is able to provide optimal start even in bad weather.


The Optima Batteries 8016-103 marine battery is a dual purpose marine battery, which means it can be used for as a cranking battery for starting various marine and high power demanding vehicle engines such boat, RV and many more; it can also be used as a dual purpose battery for running and powering the heavy load demanding multi onboard electronic appliances like trolling motors, fish finder, pumps and other accessories used for marine purposes. If you need a group 34 dual purpose marine battery then this battery from optima is very reliable and a good choice.

Advantages and limitations

One of the best advantages of this battery is that it is 15 times more resistant and lighter in weight and it has three times more cycling capability than other conventional batteries of the same size. By having the AGM technology, this battery comes with a whole package of advantageous features such as maintenance free operation, no distilled water refilling requirement and spill proof feature. This battery has versatile mounting flexibility and it can be mounted at any desired angle due to its perfectly sealed construction, which also prevents the battery from leaking harmful or flammable gases.

The unique spiralcell technology ensures ultra high cranking quality and optimal deep cycle capability. With this design, the plates are packed in a manner that these are protected from heavy vibrations, enhancing the battery life during tough and extreme operations. The Polypropylene case of the battery not only offers lighter weight but it also protects the battery from extreme hot or cold temperatures. With this Optima marine battery, one can save a lot of time and money.

This battery is recommended to be used for cranking those engine that need lesser power than the actual capacity of this battery as it is a dual purpose battery. If you desire a true cranking battery then you can go for other true Optima starting battery in the list. AGM batteries have great risk of over charging, so one should be very careful while charging the battery.


The Optima Batteries 8016-103 marine battery is appropriate for any dual-purpose application that it is compatible for and it is available in easily affordable budgets. In case you need a high quality group 34 dual-purpose marine battery for your boat or RV, this is the right choice.