Optima Blue Top D31M Review


This Optima battery is a dual purpose battery with high starting power and great deep cycling capability. With dimensions 12.8 inches by 6.5 inches by 9.4 inches, this marine battery weighs around 59 pounds. The absorbed glass mate design offers the battery with mounting flexibility and many reliable features, which makes it a versatile marine battery. As it belongs to group 31 and its CCA is 900 A and MCA is 1125 A, this battery is extremely powerful and applicable even in cold weather, which makes it an ideal marine battery for those marine enthusiasts who have to start their engines even in harshest weather conditions.

Special features and specifications

  • It is a 12 volts marine and vehicle battery.
  • This battery is a dual purpose battery with ultimate cranking as well as deep cycle ability.
  • It has 75 AH which is good enough to power up various power demanding onboard accessories.
  • The Cold Cranking Amps of this battery is 900 A, which makes it applicable even in very cold climatic condition. Its Marine Cranking Amps is 1125 A, which is powerful enough to provide a high cranking performance.
  • The reserve capacity of this Optima marine battery is 155 minutes with 25 amp depth of discharge at 80° F.
  • Plates are made from high quality and pure lead-tin alloy with wound cell design and Spiralcell technology.
  • Absorbed glass mate interior design with recombinant technology needs no routinely distilled water refilling, which makes it completely maintenance free.
  • Polypropylene outer case offers good durability.
  • Post is designed with Dual SAE and 5/16 stainless stud.
  • Spill proof and can be mounted virtually at any position.
  • Can be charged with alternator or battery charger with up to 15.0 volts and it is completely recharged after 6 to 12 hours of charging depending on the voltage and amount of current flow.
  • This Optima battery belongs to group 31.


This Optima battery is applicable for both cranking and powering up various appliances, whatever is your field, marine, road or off road, it can be used for starting boats, vehicles, cars and many more high power demanding engines and simply perfect for the multiple high demanding accessories as well as trolling motors. If you are a professional or hobbyist, in case you need a group 31 dual purpose battery with AGM technology, you can consider purchasing this particular battery from Optima as this battery has the capacity to fulfill any high power demand.

Advantages and limitations

The Optima Batteries 8052-161 belong to group 31 of Optima batteries, which is the strongest and most powerful group manufactured by Optima. With the two purpose application, the user won’t have to purchase two different batteries as this marine battery is powerful for both deep cycling and cracking purpose that are as equal to the true batteries. The AGM technology adds up more versatility to this battery as no extra maintenance is necessary, which also saves the lifetime expense on distilled water. This design also makes the battery spill proof and to have wide range of mounting options.

The Optima Batteries 8052-161 AGM dual purpose battery is capable of taking thrice the recharges than that of other standard lead-acid batteries of its class. The rugged polypropylene case of this battery makes it more than 15 times resistant to heavy vibrations that that of other lead-acid batteries. The Spiralcell technology makes this battery more versatile as it offers ultra-high performance at both cranking and powering up the various heavy load demanding appliances. For normal recharging, no special charger is required as it can be charged with both alternator and battery charger. With very low internal resistance of only 0.0025 ohm, this battery provides more efficient power output.

One important drawback of this battery is that the charging manual should be strictly followed and if in case the battery is overcharged, it is not possible to change the water, leading to the need of complete battery replacement. For rapid recharge, it is important to have a battery charger of constant voltage with maximum of 15.6 volts and if the voltage is not constant, it might cause permanent damage to the battery.


The Optima Batteries 8052-161 battery is one of the most powerful batteries with precisely high quality features that one can rely on. Whether hobbyists or professionals, this battery is a good choice in an affordable cost.