Optima Blue Top 34M Review


This battery is a true cranking 12 volts marine battery with AGM technology. It has been specially designed for cranking purpose. The Optima 8006-006-FFP marine battery is a group 34 battery with dimensions 12.1 inches by 11.8 inches by 11.5 inches and it weighs nearly 42 pounds. With CCA of 880 A and MCA of 1000 A, this cranking marine battery is a great choice for those buyers who need a 34 group battery with strong cracking power. No matter whatever the weather is, this battery offers optimal performance and it is precisely reliable.

Special features and specifications

  • 12 volts battery with optimal starting power and gives a great start to the engine.
  • This battery has Cold Cranking amps of 800 A, making it better than an average standard starting battery. With this much CCA, it can give a very high cranking performance even in cold weather. With MCA 1000 A, this battery has a precise marine engine starting power.
  • It has 50 AH rating and 100 minutes reserve capacity, which is high enough for any cranking requirement.
  • Absorbed glass mate design makes it 100% maintenance free.
  • It is spill proof and has a recombination technology.
  • Virtually mountable at any position and it has high mounting flexibility.
  • Plates are made from pure lead-tin alloy for better performance.
  • Wounded cell configuration with SPIRALCELL technology that offers better performance and extreme durability.
  • This battery belongs to group 34.
  • Can be charged with alternator or battery charger with maximum voltage limit of 15.6 volts but no current limit till the battery is at the temperature of up to 125° F.
  • This Battery gets fully recharged after 6 to 12 hours of constant charging depending on the voltage and flow of current.
  • Applicable for cranking any kind of engine.


The Optima 8006-006 marine battery is a starting battery and it can be used to crank any type of engines from marine units to other on-road vehicles such as cars, recreational vehicles and many more. Its utility doesn’t ends here as this battery can also be used to power up some onboard accessories like GPS, pumps, live wells and many other appliances that are connected to the starting circuit of the boat or the marine units. With a massive cranking power, this battery is an ideal choice for those buyers who are looking for a group 34 marine starting battery for their boats and marine units.

Advantages and limitations

The Optima 8006-006 marine battery is 15 times more resistant to vibrations and has 15 times longer life than other standard starting batteries in its class, which makes it the best and most reliable group 34 cranking battery for marine use. The SPIRALCELL technology adds up more versatility to this battery as it offers ultra high cranking power and a maintenance free package along with the AGM design, as no routine electrolyte check and distilled water refilling is necessary with this battery, allowing the user to concentrate on their tasks.

This Optima battery has three times more recharge acceptance capacity than any other standard starting marine battery. With the strong and rugged case construction made of Polypropylene this battery is resistant to the worst weather conditions and it can be used without any cranking failure issue. The internal resistance of this Optima battery is only 0.0030 ohms which is quite low as compared to other batteries in its class. More power delivery and faster recharging feature of this marine starting battery offers the user worry free and sure-starting operations.

The Optima 8006-006-FFP AGM marine battery is strictly recommended only to be used for cranking purpose. Though this battery can be used to power up some appliances connected to the starting circuit, but there might be risk of over-draining of load, which can shorten the battery life. As this is an AGM battery the user must be careful while charging it, as overcharging can cause permanent damage to the battery.


The Optima 8006-006-FFP marine battery has all the features of a high quality marine battery and it is available at quite a low price. This battery is a perfect choice for those who need a great starting battery in a low budget.