Odyssey 34-PC1500T Review


This battery is a very powerful 12 volts marine and automotive battery with dimensions 10.8 inches by 6.8 inches by 7.8 inches and it weighs around 50 pounds. With 1500 A hot cranking and 850 A cold cranking amps, this battery is precisely good for any weather condition. The Odyssey 34-PC1500T marine battery can be fully recharged and discharged for around 400 times. With these features, it becomes one of the strongest dual purpose batteries that have the power of both true cranking and ultimate deep cycling. The plates of this battery is designed and manufactured with pure lead, which offers much better performance and durability.

Special features and specifications

  • 850 A Cold Cranking Amps and 1500 A Hot Cranking Amps.
  • For Dual purpose applications and it provides massive cranking power and true deep cycling ability.
  • Long life service of 3 to 10 years which makes is a very long lasting marine battery.
  • AGM or absorbed glass mate technology offers maintenance free feature, great reliability and many more advantageous features.
  • 400 deep cycles at 80% discharge and it can be recharged 100% in 4 to 6 hours of charging.
  • High stability of voltage for very long period of time.
  • Precisely flexible to any mounting position and can be mounted at any position virtually.
  • Spill proof design makes it a safe battery as there is no risk of liquid acid or flammable gas leaking.
  • This battery is tolerant to extreme temperatures and can be operated at as cold as up to -40° C and as hot as up to 45° C or 113° F.
  • It can withstand heavy vibrations and extreme shocks.
  • This battery has 68 AH rating and 185 minutes reserve capacity.
  • Pure virgin lead plates offer maximum amount of surface area and optimized deep cycling capability.
  • This battery belongs to Group 34 and it has SAE top automotive posts manufactured from tin-plated brass.
  • It can be charged with a lead acid charger or alternator at 50 amps up to 15.2 volts.


The Odyssey 34-PC1500T AGM battery is a dual purpose battery and it can be used for cranking engines as well as for powering up various accessories. This particular battery from Odyssey is a very powerful battery and it is fantastic for any application and it is good for both emergency use and daily use. From everyday usual vehicles, antique cars, classic cars, high performance cars, sports cars, Off-Road to modified vehicles and other marine vehicles; from cranking the engines to powering up the high load demanding onboard accessories, this battery is applicable in any situation. It is ideal for both dry land and marine field for the enthusiasts and professionals.

Advantages and limitations

This Odyssey battery is applicable for marine as well as dry land, which makes it a superior battery. It is capable of fulfilling all the specialized power demands with enhanced specialties as the Odyssey 34-PC1500T AGM dual purpose battery has been fortunately designed to withstand all the changes. Its plates are made from pure virgin lead that are manufactured and packed in a specialized manner. Pure lead plates have the capacity to be made thinner with more surface area, so much more plates are packed in this battery than any other standard lead acid battery, due to which this battery is capable of more optimized recycling, high performance and least sulfating. In comparison to the spiral-wounded batteries of its size, this Odyssey battery has plates with 15 times more surface area.

The AGM or absorbed glass mate technology of this battery reduces spill and high conductivity. Along with the self-regulating relief valve, the Odyssey 34-PC1500T AGM battery has a very tough flame proof container that protects the battery from excess vibrations and extreme shocks. With six packs plates design, this battery is able to produce more power and 40% more reserve capacity than that of other batteries in its class.

As this is an AGM battery, there is more risk of overcharging. In case you require a battery with more AH rating then you can go for other 12 volts dual purpose battery.


The Odyssey 34-PC1500T AGM battery is a very reliable battery with precisely high quality features and it is an ideal choice for the road, off-road and marine enthusiasts.