Maui and Sons Kahuna 1 Bamboo Paddle Board 9’4″ Flatwater / Surf Hybrid Review


If you are in the market for a solid stand up paddle board that delivers quality and performance in a nice looking package, then consider the Maui and Sons Kahuna 1 Bamboo Paddle Board 9’4″.

This rigid SUP is shorter than most stand up paddle boards at just 9’4″ in length. But do not let that deter you from buying as this is an incredibly stable board when you are out on the water.

I really like how easy is to maneuver. And since it is a hydrid SUP, you can use it on flat water as well as to surf some waves. Can’t beat that for versatility.

This board has a slightly higher than normal price for a hard stand up paddle board, but it delivers in quality so it is not a bad buy. The cheapest price for it seems to be online.

Excellent performance and the design is just cool looking.

Maui and Sons Kahuna 1 Bamboo Paddle Board 9’4″ Features

To justify the higher price being worth it for this short SUP, let’s consider some of the features that it has to offer the paddle boarder. Here’s the top specs at a glance:

  • Very stable, despite the short length.  Stable even for heavier and newer riders.
  • Easier to store
  • Easier to transport
  • Versatile for wide range of water and use conditions

Innovative new paddle board design with a beautiful bamboo veneer. Made for all sizes and experience levels. A shorter ( 9’4″) board that floats better (more volume) than most 11 & 12 foot boards. Capable of easily floating up to a 270 lb rider. Great for surf and flat water.

Definitely another great option for you to consider if looking for a hard stand up paddle board.

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