Marine Battery Box and Power Switch Buying Guide

Marine battery box is a very important unit, especially for the marine enthusiasts and professionals who have marine deep cycle batteries or multiple batteries. The most important role of the marine battery box is to keep the battery safe from any damage. More of all, it keeps the acid of the battery from spilling out and keeps the harmful gases sealed and vented out in the atmosphere. The battery box prevents the battery from being exposed to various natural as well as artificial elements like rain, heat, flame, igniting substances and many more. Many buyers often get confused while choosing a battery box for their marine battery, so here are few guidelines that can help the buyers in purchasing the right marine battery box.


Knowing the purpose of the battery box is very important. From purpose it means that the battery box is required for a single battery or multiple batteries. Many boat owners carry two or more batteries on their boats, one for cranking and one for deep cycle, or sometimes multiple batteries of same type for more power demands. There are varieties of battery boxes, from having single compartment to multiple compartments. The battery box type should be decided by keeping in mind the number of batteries the buyer has. If you have a single battery it is best to go for a battery box with room for one marine battery.


Size is one of the most important factors that the buyer should consider while buying a marine battery box. As marine batteries are available in different size groups, so are the marine battery boxes. Though the boxes have no size groups, but they come with battery size compatible labels. For example, if one needs a battery box for marine battery of group 27, one must seek for a battery box that is compatible for it and fits in the battery of group 27. Larger box for small battery is not a good idea as the battery might be damaged due to jerking inside the battery box.


The material, from which the battery box is made from, should also be considered while buying a marine battery box. Most of battery boxes are either made from high density polyethylene or polypropylene. Polyethylene is a good material but it can easily be damaged or melted if there is too much heat and it can also absorb water. Polypropylene is a tough material, as it is a strong thermoplastic, manufactured for heavy duty requirements. The polypropylene is not easily melted and it doesn’t absorb water, unlike other plastic materials.

Weight and thickness

One should remember that the battery would already be enough heavy and some more weight is going to be added due to the battery box. Lifting a heavy battery is already a tough task and each pound counts when the boat is small. One is obvious to not want to make it more complicated. You can go for a marine battery box with lighter weight. The thickness of the box should not be neglected by only considering the weight; less thickness means the box would be less protective. So, both weight and thickness should be considered equally.

Important features

Different battery boxes come with many different features. Some of the most important features can be considered while purchasing a marine battery box;

  • Easy-access to battery terminal for allowing easy connection of the leads.
  • Power socket or plugs
  • Strong battery strap to tightly attach to the boat.
  • Built-in battery meter that indicates the state of current charge of the battery.
  • Circuit breaker that will prevent the battery from drawing excessive current in case it is used for trolling motors.
  • Acid resistant; in case the acid spills out of the battery, the box won’t be damaged.
  • Water and weather proof; the box would be able to withstand extreme climatic conditions.

Marine battery switch

Marine battery switch is an important device, as this unit is used to transfer batteries without any need of reconnecting the battery after it has drained out. Especially on those boats that have two or more batteries for different uses, most require a marine battery switch, which allows the user to switch the circuit and use the particular battery or batteries that are needed. Power switches come in varieties of shape, size, color, design and features and it can be confusing for the buyer to decide the power switch that would best suit the requirement. Some factors can be considered while buying a power switch.


The most important factor of the power switch is the compatibility. All the power switches are designed for different battery capacity. The switches have power limit and voltage capacity limit depending on the voltage capacity of the battery used by the system; so one should know the battery voltage capacity used by the system and determine the appropriate switch according to it.

Terminal size

Size of the terminal is an important factor as some switches are designed with terminal size limit and cannot be used with larger terminal than that.


Some power switches are complicated and come with complex wiring and narrow mounting flexibility, but there are many power switches available at the market, which are easy to install with wide mounting flexibility and those can be mounted at any surface or panel. Easy-to-install power switches are time and energy saving.


One can also consider the type of design while buying a power switch. Power switches come in varieties of design; such as toggle switch, which offers two features; on and off, that connects and disconnects the circuitry. Rotary switch offers the user two or more settings, and there are many more designs. The switch should be bought according to the number of batteries and the requirements.


The battery box and power switch are important accessories that make the marine field tasks easier for the user, making the trip or work more worry-free, enjoyable and happening.