Freshwater Fishing Tips: Handy Advice and Solutions

Freshwater Fishing TipsSurprisingly, the majority of anglers all over the world are fishing in waters with low salinity levels. It is scientifically proven that 90% of all fishing enthusiasts are exclusively freshwater anglers. Undoubtedly, it is easier to fish in a lake or pond as you do not have to fight against huge sea waves.

Furthermore, most people do not have the luck to live close to the sea. Of course, we all mad fishermen enjoy this amazing activity. Freshwater fishing combines tranquility and adventure.

So, we decided to present some handy freshwater fishing tips and professional advice. We promise that you will appreciate all information you will gather. Keep in mind that there are various fish species and each of them requires specialized fishing techniques and knowledge.

Let’s explore the mysterious path of freshwater fishing!

1. Fishing Spots

Since we are referring to freshwater angling, we must make things clear that these waters have less salinity levels than 0.05%. These places are ponds, lakes and rivers and fortunately we have plenty of them all over the Us. It is important to mention that lakes and ponds close to the sea have higher salinity levels.

A remarkable phenomenon is the fact that there are fish species that live both in freshwaters and saltwaters. For instance, Salmon is a fish that lives in freshwater and a few years later moves in saltwater. This many-faceted fish returns in freshwater in order to spawn.

Strange thing, isn’t it? We are going to analyze each place step by step.

Lakes and Ponds
There is no doubt that lakes with lush vegetation and weedy beds are ideal fishing spots. It is the favorite place of all game fish, as small fish like to hide there. Moreover, this vegetation protects them from the sun.

If you have a boat and fish finder, you can also try rocky bottoms. If you notice a tree trunk in the water, we can ensure you that there is a big catch waiting to be caught!

Tip: If you do not have a fish finder, it would be a good idea to get a topographical map.

Unfortunately, most rivers are close to urban areas and the majority of them are definitely polluted. Finding a clean river with crystal clear waters is definitely difficult. You should choose rivers that are far away from urban areas.

Rivers with dams or water locks are also very good fishing spots. Deep waters play a significant role as far as fish are concerned. These are some places where they can find easier food.
Many bass-anglers will agree that backwater creeks are their favorite fishing spots. You just have to keep in mind that almost all fish species love weedy structures.
Generally speaking, before you hit the great outdoors, you should understand the feeding habits of the fish.

2. Efficient Techniques

Undoubtedly, there is a plethora of techniques you can use for freshwater fishing. The techniques can be done from the shore or boat.

The fishing methods are categorized according to the lure-bait and fish species you are after.

This is the most popular technique amongst the fishing community and all game fish lovers enjoy to use it. It is the most efficient and easy technique. Whether you are a newbie or avid freshwater angler, you will be able to pursue fish by spinning.

Spinning requires the use of artificial fishing lures and it refers to predatory fish. Predatory fish eat small fish and they live in many lakes all over the country. The method is very simple.

You have to perform long casts and just reel in. This motion will give your lure the action and floatation. This motion attracts big fish.
These bloodthirsty ambush fish cannot resist the lure. Basically, you can go for spinning both from the shore and boat. It would be a good idea to choose big rods in order to cast the lure really far away.

If you want to fish close to the water surface, you can use a bobber.

Obviously, you can use this method only from a boat or kayak. Surprisingly, kayak fishing has become really popular the last ten years. The best fishing spots for this technique are deep lakes.

The depth level should definitely exceed 2.5meters and you will use only fishing lures. The lure gains a perfect floatation due to the movement of the vessel.

Ice Fishing
Ice fishing is one of the most adventurous and crazy fishing methods. You have to find a good fishing spot, drill the hole and be able to withstand the cold weather.  You will use live baits or small soft lures.

Fishing for hours on a frozen lake. (Only for mad anglers)

Fly Fishing
Fishing Tips - Fly Fishing Since you are reading our article, you already know that fly fishing is a very popular technique. Most people use it in order to catch the amazing rainbow trout. You will need fly lures and a good fly line, if you want to increase the success levels.

Many people overlook the fact that the fly line is the most important part here.

Finally, there are many other techniques for freshwater fishing. These water circumstances give you the opportunity to use a plethora of methods.

More Techniques: Match-fishing, bottom bouncing, drifting, long line fishing, fishing with cast nets etc.

3. Suitable equipment

It goes without saying that you will need a spinning rod, but the lbs depend on the fish you are after. For instance, if a fish has a weight of 10 lbs, you must choose a 30 lbs rod. The rule is: 2lbs fish= 2×3=6bs rod.

Another important factor is the action weight of your rod. It is the allowable weight limit of your lure. So, if the lure weighs 15g, the action weight must be 10-25g.

The selection of reel and line will also play a significant role. These two things will tire out the fish so you can land it. Generally speaking there are two reel types, spinning and baitcasting reels.

Spinning reels have very good and hard brakes and they are better for monofilament fishing line. On the other hand, baitcasting reels are suitable for braided line. The size of the line depends on the target fish.

The trolling rod (5-30lbs) should have roller guides because you have to fight aggressive and strong fish. The best reel for trolling is a multiplier reel loaded with mono line. It would be a good idea to choose fluorocarbon line for the leader line because it is invisible.

If you want to fish in deeper water columns, you can add some olive weights. They will definitely sink your lure, without ruining the floatation and action.

Ice Fishing
It goes without saying that you will need special ice fishing rods. There are many rod types on the market, but we recommend quite short rods (3-6lbs). The reel should have a size of 1000 or 1500 and please use a fluorocarbon line.

Fly Fishing
Fly fishing is a delicate art of fishing. It goes without saying that the fly rod must be attached on a good fly reel. However, we think that the fly line plays an essential role here as you have to perform casts. Undoubtedly, this method refers to experienced anglers.

4. Freshwater Fishing Tip: Best Lures and Baits

Crankbaits and jerkbaits are the most popular lures. We are using them for trolling or spinning. However, if you want to fish close to the water surface, you should definitely try topwater lures (poppers, lipless etc).

The selection of the lures is very important as far as freshwater fishing is concerned. Most fish are visual feeders and you must try to make the lure appealing. Equally important are spinnerbaits and buzzbaits.

Freshwater Fishing Bait

Their appearance is quite odd and the blade is irresistible for every fish. Especially bass go mad for those little buddies. Please do not forget about spoons. These simple constructions make wonders.

It goes without saying that live baits are on the top of the «menu» list. Small fish attract the target fish thanks to the natural smell and action. Minnows and shads are very good for our purpose.

Of course, we cannot exclude worms and insects from our list. Keep in mind that every fish has different nutritional habits.


Finally, our common purpose is to catch a trophy fish. There are many secrets that you should take into consideration. The information we gathered derives from many years of freshwater fishing.

Thus, we can ensure you that if you follow our freshwater tips, catching a trophy fish will be a piece of cake for you. We love to educate new anglers and provide useful information. Grab your fishing tackle and hit the road!

Fishing is the most relaxing activity and it brings you close to mother nature.

Thank you for reading our freshwater fishing tips. Please share the article or leave a comment.

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