Exide Edge FP-AGM24DP Review


This Exide battery is a 12 volts dual purpose AGM based marine battery with massive cranking power and fantastic deep cycle capacity with dimensions 10.2 inches by 6.8 inches by 8.6 inches and 50 pounds weight. With 775 A Cold Cranking amps and 930 A Cranking or Marine cranking amps, this Exide battery is a powerful dual purpose battery belonging to group 24. The Exide uses innovative technology and unique materials in manufacturing its batteries, which helps in delivering high performance level with great protections. The Exide Edge FP-AGM24DP has been designed to deliver a high edge performance.

Special features and specifications

  • This battery belongs to group 24 and has all the features of a high quality group 24 battery with voltage power of 12 volts.
  • It has dual purpose features and recommended for both cracking and deep cycling.
  • AGM based technology ensures maintenance free operations.
  • It has Marine cranking amps of 930A and Cold cranking amps of 775A, making it applicable it even in coldest climatic condition.
  • With capacity of 72 AH and reserve capacity of 140 minutes at 25 amps discharge rate.
  • Special pressure venting system with automatic release valve for assuring long battery life.
  • Surelife graphite technology that also enhances the durability of the battery.
  • Highly designed and engineered alloy for better performance.
  • Continuous cast grid and high conductivity post.
  • The battery is designed compact, which makes it adjustable in complex battery compartments.
  • This battery is spill proof as there is no liquid electrolyte due to the dry cell design. It can be mounted virtually at any position.
  • No distilled water refilling is necessary because of the recombinant technology within the battery.
  • It has recessed suitcase handle which allows the user to transport and install the battery with ease.


The Exide Edge FP-AGM24DP is a dual purpose battery, which means that it can be used for cranking various types of engine compatible with group 24 batteries and it can also be used as a deep cycle battery for running multiple onboard appliances. It is very useful for small boats that have no space for two different batteries for fulfilling the power demands of two applications. This battery is an ideal choice for those who desire a battery that not only has quality performance, but also enhances the performance of the unit and keeps the engine evergreen. The use of this battery is not limited only at marine field, but it can also be used for other on-road vehicles.

Advantages and limitations

This Exide battery is known for its strong construction that makes it superior to other standard lead-acid batteries in its class. The Exide Edge FP-AGM24DP and other Exide edge batteries are the first AGM batteries with Surelife graphite technology for maximized energy capacity, which enables the batteries to deliver higher level performance for longer duration in the cyclic operations. With this technology, the battery is also protected from the various battery failure issues that are usually encountered in standard lead-acid batteries over the lifetime of the batteries.

With the Absorbed Glass mate construction, the electrolyte is soaked in the specially manufactured fiber glass mate like a sponge, which is equally distributed and held at a constant place. This technology not only offers maintenance free operation, but it also makes the battery spill proof and resistant to vibrations and corrosions. The plates are made from different alloy formulations of lead, calcium, tin or silver, which maximizes the life of this battery even in extreme operational conditions. The special valve system with individual cell valves eliminates excess cell-to-cell vapor transfer and protects the battery from this type of life shortening risks. With its compact design, it can be installed even at a complicated battery compartment.

As this battery is a dual purpose battery, it cannot be compared to the true batteries and might not be able to produce equal cranking power as the true cranking marine battery. Overcharging might be an issue like all the AGM batteries as the water cannot be replaced, so the user has to be very careful while charging the battery.


The Exide Edge FP-AGM24DP has all the high quality features that a good battery should have and for dual purpose application, this battery is simply a great choice as it is available at an easily affordable price.

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