California Board Company SUP Review


If you are looking for a great entry-level stand-up paddleboard that has a nice low price without sacrificing on the quality, then look no further than this top-rated California Board Company SUP. It is a worthy opponent to the inflatable Tower Adventurer – with the main differences being that this is a hard, solid board instead of inflatable.

Great For Beginners 

This board is even practically the same size as the Tower Adventurer, so it has a lot to offer the paddler who is looking for a hard SUP as opposed to an inflatable one. Plus, it just looks great. This paddleboard has been designed for beginners. The board is very wide, which makes the board more comfortable for beginners to handle. You will feel more stable while you are on the water.

For me, I find that the real strong point of this solid stand up paddleboard is that it is easy to handle out on the waves. So, if your primary objective is to take your paddleboard out surfing, then you will definitely want to take this board on a test run in the surf.

Of course, the best thing for me is how budget-friendly this SUP is. It is very affordable and makes the perfect gift for the person in your family who loves outdoor adventures.

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California Board Company SUP Features

Now, I have already told you my favorite things about this solid stand up paddleboard, let me break down some of the top features for you so that you can more easily make a buying decision. The top specs for the California Board Company are:

  • 126.5″ / 10’6″ length
  • High-density EPS
  • 100% waterproof core
  • Molded-in laminated wood stringers
  • HD polyethylene slick bottom
  • Tri-fin system
  • IXPE/XPE HD deck
  • PU surf leash
  • Adjustable SUP paddle with exclusive blade shield
  • Padded roof racks

The 10-Six Stand Up Paddle Board by California Board Company comes as a complete package. Not only do you get the board, but you also get the adjustable paddle, leash, and the padded roof racks. This is the perfect board for beginners to intermediate riders.

Get To Know The California Board Company SUP

Now that you know all about the strong points of this great SUP, let me take a moment to answer any questions that you might have. Keep reading below to learn a little more.

Does it come with a suitable paddle?

Yes, it comes with a gentle paddle you can adjust it for shorter or taller people. I am personally thrilled with the whole package. It comes with everything you need to get started.

Is this a package deal with a paddle, leash, and rack?

Yes, it has a nice paddle, leash, and basic roof rack. The roof rack is great if you need to strap your paddleboard to a car to transport it to your favorite lake. The leash is a very important feature that you should always utilize. It will prevent your board from floating away from you in the water.

How good is the roof rack? Should I purchase a better one? How does it attach to the car? Are there straps included to secure the board to the roof?

Honestly, it is not the best.  It’s like a cheap tie-down binder thing that wraps around your roof and through your door-hole. If you’re staying below 35mph, you’ll be okay, but above that, it gets a little wonky. If you are not comfortable with that, then I suggest you purchase a different one, but it will do the job that you are ultimately looking for it to do.

Would the rack fit a two door car?

The rack that is included with this board is made for a four door car. We have a minivan with sliding doors. The rack does not work well because the straps that wrap around/under the roof of the car obstructs the sliding doors from closing. I had to make some significant alterations to this rack and watch some YouTube videos to figure out the best way to put these racks to use, but you will need hard racks or crossbars on the roof of your car for this rack to be useful.

Is the padded roof rack OK to use on a vehicle with a panoramic glass sunroof?

Yes, it would be ok, you wouldn’t be able to open the sunroof while using it though. Also if you have a beautiful paint finish, I would put some toweling under the pads, or you may find that grit gets in between and “sands” your paint.

Is this a tri-fin board or single only? Does it have the slots to hold three fins even if the package only comes with one fin?

It has only one fin and no extra slots. It is still very stable even though there is only one fin. This board is great for beginner paddlers to intermediate.

Does the paddle float?

Yes, the paddle floats, if you are looking for a complete board with all accessories, buy this one.

Does the top of the board dent or puncture easily? I have a large dog I’d like to SUP with, do you think his claws would damage this board?

Yes, it does puncture easy. I usually take my golden retriever with me, and he visibly damaged the surface. For next year I will glue some rubber mat on the top and the sides to prevent future damage. The board is definitely soft.

What does the board weigh? Has anyone done yoga on this board?

It is really light. The board weighs 27 lbs. Just keep a good grip on it in windy conditions, so it does not get away from you. I have not tried yoga, but I have taken it out on light chop, and it handles well. Balance is the key.

What weight does this board hold?

My buddy weighs approximately 225 lbs, and he rides it with no problem! The official weight limit is 300 lbs.

The picture on Amazon makes this board look like it is made of wood on top. Is it just the paint job that gives that impression?

Yes, the board is made of foam, not actual wood. This is the paint and style of the board on top of the strong foam.

Does it have a pad to stand on? is it easy to stand on barefoot or is it slippery

No, no discrete padding or pad. The top is all one continuous piece. No pad. It’s not slippery at all. No problem to stand on with bare feet!

How thick is the board without the fin?

This board is approximately 5.5 inches thick.

Is a mounting hole for a sail on this board?

No, there isn’t. The board has a soft, foam top.

California Board Company SUP Reviews

Now that I have answered any questions that you might have and given you some details on the specs of this board, why not follow the link below and see why everyone is saying the California Board Company makes the best stand up paddleboards! It is great for beginners who want a very stable, durable, and fun board to use out on the water.

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