Blue Ray Sports Stingray Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


Firmness and durability define the Stingray iSUP from Blue Ray Sports. This 10-foot paddle board is designed to inflate to a strong and sturdy board that can be used over long periods of time and in a variety of conditions and water types. Because of this firmness and durability, the Stingray provides a reliable and enjoyable paddle boarding experience for both experienced and beginning paddle boarders alike.

Product Specs

The Stingray’s durability is evident in the specs that reveal that its construction and performance are the result of careful design and included features that make its use easier and more practical. Following are some of this board’s most important features:

• Thickness: 4 in.
• Construction: Double layer drop stitching
• Fins: 1
• Dimensions: 10ft. X 30in. X 4in.
• Sides: Double layered outer skin
• Accessories: Paddle, pump, removable seat, foot rest, repair kit, storage bag, pressure gauge
• Weight: About 32 pounds
• Max weight: 220lb.

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Blue Ray Sports Stingray iSUP Review

Blue Ray Sports’ Stingray is a leading iSUP because of Blue Ray’s commitment to creating an all-around pleasing way to enjoy stand up paddle boarding. Designed as an inflatable board, the Stingray possesses the same level of convenience as do other iSUPs: The ability to be deflated into a compact package that can then be easily transported and stored. Unlike some other iSUPs, however, the Stingray is extremely durable. Reviewers report regularly using this board for hours at a time without experiencing any degradation in the quality of their experience.

This durability is due in large part to the Stingray’s construction, which consists of double layer drop stitching. This type of stitching provides two layers of strength to allow the material from which the board is made to remain rigid in the water as it is being used. In addition, the skin of the board is made of two layers to add strength and to resist tearing and damage. While some reviewers note that the board will take on a bit of water if not balanced correctly, they also note that finding this balance is easy and that, once achieved, the board remains steady and dry for as long as the rider wishes to enjoy the water.

The Stingray is also designed to perform reliably in different kinds of water, from placid water to moving water. Its stability and agility make it relatively easy to use, even for beginners paddle boarders, in a number of different situations. Reviewers praise the Stingray for its stability on the water, and for its ease of use.

To make this board an even better value and even easier to use, Blue Ray Sports has included a number of practical accessories that enhance your experience. For instance, the board comes with a high pressure pump that reviewers report make it easy to pump the board up to a high PSI that will provide added rigidity and firmness. Reviewers report that this pump, combined with the specially designed valve, allow them to inflate the board to the desired firmness more easily than is possible with other boards.

In addition to the pump, the Stingray comes with a central detachable fin that allows the board to be steered more effectively, a pressure gauge so you can measure how much air is in the board, and an aluminum paddle that allows you to get right out on the water without needing to purchase extra pieces before you can begin to enjoy your paddle boarding. In addition, the paddle easily converts into a kayak paddle. That feature, along with the detachable fabric seat, allows the rider’s experience on the iSUP to be converted into a kayak-like riding expeirence for even more versatility on the water. Finally, while the compact form into which the Stingray folds already makes it easy to carry around, an included storage bag makes transporting and storing your board even easier.

Stand up paddle boarding is easier and more convenient than ever with inflatable paddle boards. With the Stingray iSUP from Blue Ray Sports, these features combine with durability, high quality construction, and practical accessories to make an all around reliable and high quality way to enjoy paddle boarding.

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