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Regardless of the type of boat that you have available, getting a set of the best marine speakers is a great way to add an extra element of fun during your experience on the water. Although many people might choose to use marine speakers in cars and vehicles, keep in mind that this is not their intended mode of use. On this page, we will break down some of the best marine speakers on the market so that you can decide if this is the right product for you to use on the water.

SpeakersPower Handling
RMS/Peak (watts)

Kenwood KFC-1653MRW

Pyle PLMR24

Herdio 2-Way Heavy Duty

Pyle Dual Marine Speakers

Polk Audio DB692

Sony XSMP1611

Polk Audio DB572

My Best Marine Speaker Reviews

In order to assist you in finding the best marine speakers, let’s start by breaking down and reviewing some of the most popular and widely acclaimed marine speakers so that you can find the best means of providing entertainment while on the water without worrying about them mixing with water and subsequently breaking. Accordingly, here are some of the best marine speakers for you to use while out on the water.

Kenwood KFC-1653MRW 6.5” 2-Way Marine Speakers

This is one of the best options for you to consider if you have a boat which is already designed to hold speakers. With this product, you will ideally have a set of stock speakers and a deck that came with the boat. If this is the case, you will simply need to replace them out for these new ones.

Quality & Affordability

When it comes to the quality of marine speakers, one of the most initial things to check for is the size of the speakers. This will give you an idea of how much bass you can expect to hear, and also helps predict the overall power of the speakers. These speakers are available in both 6.5” and 8” sizes, making them more than suitable for marine use. They are also very reasonably priced.

Size & Specifications

With frequency responses ranging from 60Hz – 20,000 Hz, these speakers are capable of playing 99% of the sounds that are purposefully left in a track by the song’s audio engineers. The exception to this would be the extreme low sounds and very high-pitched frequencies that are either not filtered out or a smaller element of the song.


With a water-resistant cone, 4 ohms of impedance, the ability to play the frequencies you need to enjoy music of all types, and the ability to easily replace your boat’s stock speakers out for these ones, this is one of the best marine speakers for anybody who needs a very high-quality pair of speakers at an affordable price.

Pyle PLMR24 3-Way Weatherproof Outdoor Speaker Set

With a design and specifications which best suits music which thrives on slightly higher frequencies like rock & roll, pop, jazz, and so on, this is a great set of speakers to consider if you already have a deck installed into your boat since you will simply need to adjust some wires.

Quality & Affordability

This is a great set of speakers to consider solely because of the fact that they require very minimal setup. Simply bring them with you out on the water, plug in the wires to the tape deck, and you will be ready to start using them. Considering the price that they come for, they are very high-quality and a great option to consider.

Size & Specifications

As mentioned, this speaker is not designed with the club-friendly bass anthems since the woofer is a little smaller than what would be necessary to both hear and feel the bass. With a 3.5-inch woofer, this is to be expected. However, since there are 200W and 4 ohms of total potential power and a unique frequency range of 70 Hz – 21kHz, this is still a powerful speaker which produces most of the sounds you will want to hear.


One thing that is nice about this speaker is that it has a 3-way design which separates the high, mid, and low frequencies to help them all individually sound great. However, this comes at the cost of a smaller woofer size. However, the unique frequency ranges and outdoor-friendly design is what will make this a great speaker to take on the water.

Herdio 4” 2-Way Heavy Duty Waterproof Boat Outdoor Speakers

This set of speakers is great for people who don’t have a slot on their boats for speakers since they are designed to be mounted onto the location of your choosing. With an affordable price that comes with plenty of attractive features and specifications, many will consider these to be the best marine speakers.

Quality & Affordability

These are a set of 2-way speakers, which means they combine the three frequency classes (high, mid, and low) into two output centers. This becomes clear when we notice that the frequency output is a little higher than some of their competitors. Regardless, the overall power and protective features are what make this product stand out.

Size & Specifications

The size of the speakers themselves reach 4 inches in diameter, and come with a grill to protect them from some of the most accidental mishaps. However, the lowest frequency that these speakers can reach is 80 Hz, which is a little below average and may cut out some of the deepest kicks, basslines, and 808s.


As a whole, those who want a speaker design like this which can mount to the location of your choosing and can be installed within an hour or so will love this product since it is so reasonably priced. Due to its competitive specifications, many will still consider this product to be the best marine speakers on the market.

Pyle 6.5” Dual Marine Speakers – 2 Way Waterproof Stereo Sound System

No matter what type of boat or vehicle you wish to install these waterproof speakers onto, you can be sure that the weather will not play a role in them breaking. These speakers are both completely waterproof and weatherproof and capable of being installed on vessels and vehicles of all types.

Quality & Affordability

Those who want to have some of the best marine speakers that money can buy will love this product since it comes with 200W of total power, which operate at an impressive RMS rate of 100W. However, one area which might be concerning to some is that the lowest frequency that these speakers can play is 85Hz. Regardless, these are some of the best marine speakers for those on a budget.

Size & Specifications

With each speaker measuring 6.5 inches in diameter, these speakers are both reasonably large and capable of withstanding climatic conditions which would easily cause other speakers to break. Accordingly, due to the specifications which are similar to some professional PA systems, these speakers should provide you with adequate volume.


If you want one of the largest and most powerful marine speaker sets which are capable of both providing adequate levels of sound while simultaneously providing you the freedom to install them in an area prone to receiving precipitation, this may be the overall best marine speakers for you to consider.

Polk Audio DB692 DB+ Series 3-Way Coaxial Speakers with Marine Certification

If you simply want the best marine speakers, this is one of the closest things that you can get to having the sound of a professional PA system in your boat without purchasing a separate amplifier and subwoofers. With an impressive set of specifications, those who want the best marine speakers should consider these speakers first.

Quality & Affordability

Outside of the impressive specifications that these speakers have, they are marine certified and come with a UV tolerant cone and waterproof inner and outer parts to let you take them out on the water with confidence. However, it’s important to understand that these aren’t the most affordable speakers that you can find.

Size & Specifications

With an oval-shape that measures 6” x 9”, these speakers are one of the largest sets of marine speakers that you can get. With 150W RMS on each speaker (300W maximum), these speakers are extremely powerful. Accordingly, they can feasibly be used in all types of vehicles that want high-quality and loud sound. Not necessarily just boats.


As a whole, anybody who has a slightly higher budget than average should definitely consider these speakers. With the size, quality, and specifications which blow most of the competition out of the water, the price of these speakers really starts to turn irrelevant.

Sony XSMP1611 6.5” Dual Cone Marine Speakers

Coming from one of the most trusted brands in the audio industry, plenty of features to keep the speakers safe while out on the water, a grill which can be removed, and a nice sound quality, these are one of the best marine speakers for those who want a nice balance between quality and the price.

Quality & Affordability

With features which are designed to protect the speakers from harmful UV rays, water, and even salt, those who want to take these speakers out on the ocean during the heat of summer and encounter a splash or two will be able to use their speakers with the proper peace of mind. Best of all, the price of these speakers is very reasonable.

Size & Specifications

One of the most impressive features of these marine speakers is that they are 6.5 inches in diameter, making them one of the largest choices to consider which is still reasonably priced. However, keep in mind that they operate at an RMS rate of 65W, which may or may not be enough for your needs.


If you want to get some of the best marine speakers without spending too much money, this is clearly one of your best options. Although there are definitely options which are stronger and more durable, these speakers will be a great addition to a boat which either needs an upgrade on their stock speakers or a new sound system altogether.

Polk Audio DB572 DB+ Series Coaxial Speakers with Marine Certification

This is another great set of marine speakers to consider if you want to have speakers which are a little larger and more powerful than what is typical among other marine speakers. Best of all, these speakers are marine certified and accordingly provide all the protective features that you need before feeling safe with them on the water.

Quality & Affordability

When it comes the level of quality these speakers have for protection against the weather, salt water, and UV rays, the manufacturers of these speakers clearly spent plenty of time planning and designing the protective features. Best of all these, the price of these speakers is very reasonable as we consider their specifications.

Size & Specifications

Measuring in at 5” x 7”, these speakers are some of the largest sizes available for those who want their marine speakers to really blast. With a 75W RMS rating for each speaker, that can reach levels up to 225W, these speakers should be both large and powerful enough to suit the needs of many music lovers.


If you want one of the best marine speakers that are available, but don’t want to price tag that can come along with getting top-quality music equipment, this is definitely one of the best options to consider. With a reasonably low price tag, impressive specifications and power, many people will immediately make these their top choice.

Buyer’s Guide

Now that we have covered some of the prime options for you to consider for your boat’s new sound system, it’s important that you learn some of the basic factors and variables. Although it may be overwhelming for some people to understand the basics of how a sound system works, taking a few minutes to educate yourself will help you to make the best purchasing decision. After all, speakers really aren’t that complicated once you understand the basics of how they work.

What Are Marine Speakers?

If you are confused between the difference between marine speakers and the typical set of speakers you have in your home audio or car stereo, think in terms of the protective features. Marine speakers are designed to be waterproof and heavily resistant to elements like sun and salt. In other words, marine speakers are much more durable and stronger when faced with elements like this which can easily make other speakers break.

What Makes a Speaker Marine Grade?

As we mentioned above, there aren’t many differences between marine grade speakers and the average set you probably already have. The main difference between marine and normal grade speakers are protective features. Marine certified speakers are made of materials which can handle coming into direct contact with freshwater, saltwater, and punishing UV rays.

How to Choose the Best Marine Speakers?

Choosing the best marine speakers first means that you need to start by considering your individual needs and budget. For example, some boats come with a set of stock speakers that you can simply exchange out for new and improved ones. In this case, you will need to both make sure that the size of the speakers

How to Connect Marine Speaker?

If you are lucky, you will simply need to reverse-engineer the installation that was previously done with your stock speakers. This is typically very easy and only requires you to exchange a few wires and to mount the new speakers in place of the old ones. However, if this is your first set of speakers you will need to connect audio wires to the tape deck and speakers. The exact installation process can differ depending on what

Who Makes the Best Marine Speakers?

If you already have a favorite brand of audio equipment, odds are very high that they also have some high-quality marine speakers for you to consider. Some of the best brands for you to consider are manufacturers like Polk Audio, Sony, Kenwood, Pyle, and much more. In the end, though, it is not the manufacturer that matters as much as the quality of the construction, the protective features, and the specifications.

Where to Mount Marine Speakers?

Choosing where to mount marine speakers is very easily done for those who are exchanging out stock speakers. However, if you are installing your first pair of marine speakers, consider things like the placement in comparison to where your ears will sit, whether objects will block the sound from projecting to its full potential, whether or not water will constantly be crashing, aerodynamics, and so on.

How to Measure Marine Speaker Size?

When you find marine speakers which are circular-shaped, you can measure the speaker size by simply taking a ruler and determining what the diameter size of the woofer is. This is the same process that is done by manufacturers before listing their speakers. However, speakers that come in other shapes can be measured by determining the height and width of the speaker.

What is a 2-Way Marine Speaker?

Some of the most popular marine speaker designs are 2 or 3-way. Think of this as the number of speakers that there are to project all frequencies of a song. For the best sound, you should find a 3-way speaker which separates the speakers for high, mid, and low frequencies. If you use a 2-way speaker the subwoofer and tweeter will share the responsibilities of the mid-range frequencies.

What Gauge Speaker Wire for Marine Speakers?

The gauge you need for your marine speaker audio cables heavily depends on the type of speakers that you purchase. In any case, make sure you get some of the strongest and most durable audio cables to ensure problems like corrosion will never occur. Usually, gauges anywhere between 10 – 16 AWG will be suitable for your marine speakers.

What Size is a Normal Marine Speaker?

To be clear, there is no such thing as a “normal” marine speaker since they can come in all sizes, shapes, and levels of power. However, there is clearly a point where the speakers are too small to be used while on the water. Usually, the bare minimum size should be around 3 inches, with an RMS rating of at least 50W per speaker. Of course, there are many exceptions to this rule.

What is the Difference Between Marine Speakers and Car Speakers?

In all reality, there are few differences between marine speakers and car speakers. Both of these products come with many of the same components, connections, and design. However, marine speakers are designed to be more waterproof and protect against elements like salt and the sun since they are destined to come in contact with things like this. Unlike car speakers which are never supposed to touch water or go out in the sun.

What Makes Marine Speakers Waterproof?

To be clear, there is no such thing as a speaker which cannot be destroyed by water. This is a product which runs with electricity. Water is the arch-enemy of a speaker. However, there are many precautions that can be taken to make them waterproof, such as having a seal over the cone, and coverage of the internal parts with waterproof materials. Just don’t expect to drop your speakers into the ocean and then be able to dive to retrieve them in perfect condition. There are always limits to the claim that a set of speakers are “waterproof.

How to Clean Marine Speakers?

Cleaning the outside of your marine speakers is very simple and straightforward. Simply use a damp cloth and clean out all the dust and grime. If you have a detachable grill, you can also very carefully wipe down this area. However, keep in mind that this part of the speaker is very sensitive, and minimal force should be applied when wiping or you can end up with a bent or torn cone.

Top Choice & Summary

If you want to find the best marine speakers, start by considering your circumstances and budget. If you have a set of stock speakers that you want to exchange out, the best marine speakers for your needs are probably the Polk Audio DB692 DB+ Series 3-Way Coaxial Speakers with Marine Certification.

Those who don’t yet have a slot for their speakers might instead choose the Pyle PLMR24 3-Way Weatherproof Outdoor Speaker Set. In the end, finding the best marine speakers for your boat is very simple if you know how marine speakers work, the necessary specifications, and how much you can possibly spend.

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