Best Fishing Pliers for the Money

There are many tools and items that you will want to have in your tackle box. However, one item which is quite a bit underrated are fishing pliers. They will make various aspects of your fishing experience much simpler. Specifically, removing the hook from a fish or cutting fishing line. Check out our list of the best fishing pliers and make sure to bring a pair with you on your next fishing trip.

1. PLUSINNO Fishing Pliers

This set of fishing pliers from PLUSINNO is a wonderful choice if you want to have one of the most durable types of pliers to take on the road with you. Constructed with stainless steel, this is a set of pliers which is safe to use around moisture for long periods of time. Best of all, it’s affordable enough for anybody who wants one of the best fishing pliers.

Affordability & Quality

Right off the bat, it’s important to understand that any of the best fishing pliers that you will find are also made to be extremely affordable. Accordingly, anybody who wants one of the best fishing pliers possible should not necessarily be concerned about the price. Coming at a reasonable price with all the specifications that you need, this is a great option to pursue.

Size & Durability

When it comes to the durability of fishing pliers, the most common concern is having them last a long time without ever rusting. Since these 7.5-inch pliers are designed with anti-corrosion stainless steel material with a titanium coating, you will have a difficult time finding a set of fishing pliers which are more durable than these ones.


As a whole, anybody who wants the best fishing pliers possible should make this one of their top options. With a set of fishing pliers like this, you can have the peace of mind that they will last for several years. Since these pliers are made with some of the strongest possible materials, they are one of the most durable and affordable options around.

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2. Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Pliers Braid Cutters

This is another set of high-quality fishing pliers that are a wonderful choice for anybody who needs a strong set of pliers to add into their tacklebox without worrying that they will rust or go dull quickly. This is also a great option to consider if you want a nice balance between the price you pay and the quality of the product that you receive.

Affordability & Quality

Although this is not the most affordable set of fishing pliers, they are also not one of the most expensive options for you to consider, either. Best of all, these pliers are highly resistant to common problems with metallic tools like oxidation and rust. Made with titanium-coated aluminum, this is a product which is both reasonably priced and high-quality.

Size & Durability

These 7.1-inch pliers come with a sheath and a lanyard to help you keep the pliers safe and secure while not being used. Since they are resistant to rust and contain top quality materials like aluminum, titanium, and even stainless steel for de-hooking your fish, this is a great set of pliers if the durability is one of your major concerns.


As a whole, anybody who wants one of the best fishing pliers around at a reasonable price should take a look at this product. Although some people may prefer an option which comes with a different type of metal, one with larger blades, this is a great choice if you want a versatile set of pliers which are both strong and affordable.

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3. Booms Fishing H1 Fishing Pliers Stainless Steel Tool with Sheath Lanyard

These pliers designed by the people at Booms Fishing are undoubtedly one of the overall best fishing pliers for people on tight budgets. Additionally, those who don’t imagine that they will use their pliers that much and simply want a decent pair to have in their tackle box may make this their top option.

Affordability & Quality

As briefly mentioned, this is a great option for anybody who wants the best fishing pliers for the lowest possible price. Although there are larger, higher quality, and more durable pliers to consider, this one is nevertheless designed to last a long time as long as you are sure to properly clean and maintain them.

Size & Durability

These pliers are 6.7 inches long and come in three different possible colors and with a sheath lanyard for storage. They are also made with stainless steel, which is a great material for resisting rust and corrosion. However, it’s still important that you keep the pliers dry and clean after each use.


Although these are not the largest, strongest, or most durable set of pliers, they are still considered to be the best fishing pliers by many people simply because of how reasonably priced they are. Additionally, you really receive a lot for your money with these pliers since they are reasonably durable, strong, and come at one of the best prices possible.

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4. Booms Fishing X1 Aluminum Fishing Pliers Hook Remover

Anybody who likes the Booms Fishing brand for their pliers but wants a product which is a tad larger, sharper, and durable will definitely also take a look at this set of fishing pliers. Coming with various features that are not included on the more affordable set of fishing pliers from this manufacturer, many will consider this to be the overall best set of fishing pliers due to their versatility and reasonable price.

Affordability & Quality

Considering the quality of the materials used in the construction of the product, and the impressive specifications of these pliers, this is a wonderful option to consider if want a high-quality set of fishing pliers which also happen to come at a reasonable price which you can easily afford.

Size & Durability

These pliers are 7.8 inches long, making them one of the largest options to consider. Best of all, they are made with anodized aluminum which makes them resistant to things like rust or corrosion. They also come with a coiled lanyard and sheath so that they can be easily stored and pulled


If you want an attractive set of fishing pliers which are resistant to rust and corrosion, and can be easily stored safely in your tackle box, this might be the best fishing pliers to match your needs. Coming with a nice design and the ability to suit all the potential needs while fishing, this is another great option to look at if you want the best fishing pliers possible.

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5. RUNCL Fishing Pliers Long Nose G1

If you want the biggest and best fishing pliers possible, then this may end up being your top choice. Although this may not be the best option for those on a tight budget, it will definitely be the best fishing pliers for anybody who needs a large blade with plenty of additional gadgets.

Affordability & Quality

If affordability is your primary concern, this will not be the best fishing pliers to suit your budget. However, this is a great option for anybody who wants a versatile set of high-quality fishing pliers. Specifically, these pliers can be used as a hook remover, fishing line cutter, fish gripper, weight crimper, and as split ring pliers.

Size & Durability

One feature of these fishing pliers which really makes them stand out is the fact that they are 8.7 inches long, making them one of the largest options possible without having to worry whether they will fit in your tackle box. Since this product is large, and is made with anti-corrosion steel, these are one of the largest and strongest sets of fishing pliers to consider.


Although these pliers may not be the most resistant option possible to rust, they are nevertheless a great option if you want one of the largest and most versatile pairs of fishing pliers possible. Just keep in mind that getting a set of versatile pliers like this one may mean that you need to pay a slightly higher price.

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Finding the Best Fishing Pliers: FAQs

In order to find the best fishing pliers to match your needs, it’s important to understand how these products work, what features to expect, and so on. Accordingly, let’s go ahead and break down some of the major concerns and questions that people may encounter before and after their search for the best fishing pliers.

Why Do You Need Fishing Pliers?

Fishing pliers are an item of luxury, which may only be necessary under certain conditions. For example, a fisherman who likes to catch and release will notice that safely removing the hook from a fish without killing it will be much easier with fishing pliers. Additionally, anybody without a means for cutting their fishing line may decide to simply use a set of pliers with the right design for clipping

What are all the Different Parts of a Fishing Pliers For?

There are many potential uses of fishing pliers. Accordingly, there are many different designs with various special features. One a set of one of the best fishing pliers, you will also typically find parts for things like removing hooks, cutting line, crimping, and even to function as split ring pliers.

What is the Pointy Tip for on Fishing Pliers?

Sometimes, you will find a set of fishing pliers which has a pointy tip on the end of them, which goes straight down at the end of the blades. This allows them to also function as a set of split ring pliers. If you ever have a need to fix and adjust problems with your hook or metal lures, this feature helps you to make quick changes without causing any damage.

What Pliers for Salt Water Fishing?

Using metal pliers near the ocean can prove to be very destructive. After all, letting moisture sit on a metal object is a bad idea in the first place. However, it’s important to note that there are still many great sets of pliers which are designed to resist problems associated with rust and corrosion. One product in particular which works well with saltwater are the PLUSINNO Fishing Pliers since they are heavily resistant to rust and corrosion for the long-term.

What Size Fishing Pliers do you Need?

Typically, any of the best fishing pliers will be about 7 inches long. However, determining the size of fishing pliers that you need will require you first consider the size of your tackle box or whether you would prefer storing it by another means. If you find a set of fishing pliers which is around 7 inches, you will know that you have a size which is both average and typically suitable for your needs for fishing.

Using & Maintaining your Fishing Pliers: Tips & Tricks

Once you have a set of great fishing pliers to take with you out to the water, it’s important that you also understand some of the various tips and tricks for cleaning and maintaining them. Of course, one of the most initial things that you should do is keep them dry after using them to avoid the risk of rusting. However, there are various other things to consider if you want to keep your pliers in tip-top shape.

How to Keep Fishing Pliers Within Reach When Fishing

Typically, those who using fishing pliers also need to have them readily available for quick use. To make sure that your fishing pliers are always within reach, many people will attach a lanyard and carabiner to the pliers and simply hook them onto a belt loop or another similar part of your outfit. It’s important to note that many of the best fishing pliers will also come with accessories such as this to allow you to keep them within quick reach when the need arises.

How to Keep Fishing Pliers from Rusting

For starters, it’s important for you to understand that metal objects like pliers are heavily prone to rust and corrosion in the first place. To keep fishing pliers from rusting, start by getting a set of pliers that are designed to be resistant to problems like this in the first place. Additionally, make sure to completely dry off your pliers after each use. Lastly, consider getting an anti-rust spray to put on your pliers immediately after each use.

How to Remove Rust from Fishing Pliers

When the worst happens, there are still many ways which you can remove rust from your pliers. One great method is to combine salt and lemon juice in a container to create an acidic mixture. Then, apply the mixture to the rust and use steel wool to scrape it off completely. Once the rust is removed, apply a generous portion of anti-rust spray to where the rust once existed and let it sit for a couple of days before using it again to ensure all the rust is removed.

How to Use Split Ring Pliers for Fishing

Split ring pliers for fishing allow you to easily and quickly adjust the hook or other metallic parts that may become out of place while fishing. To use split ring pliers for fishing the pointy edge at the top will be the part of the pliers which actually bends the metal part which is out of place. Simply place the hook in the pliers so that the pointy edge can pull or push it back in to place. This is done by using the handles to hold it in place as you bend the misplaced metal part or hook according to your needs.

Top Choice & Main Points

If you want to get the best fishing pliers, start by checking out the rust and corrosive-resistant PLUSINNO Fishing Pliers. However, if you want a large and versatile set of fishing pliers, then you might instead go for the RUNCL Fishing Pliers Long Nose G1. If you are on a tight budget, you might instead choose to go with the Booms Fishing H1 Fishing Pliers Stainless Steel Tool with Sheath Lanyard.

In the end, it’s important to start by considering what you will use your fishing pliers for, how resistant they are to things like corrosion and rust, and whether or not you can afford them. Accordingly, the best fishing pliers for your needs may not be the most expensive one, the sharpest one, or the most durable one. Different people have different needs. Determine which features you need the most, and then find the best fishing pliers that match your needs and budget.

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