About Optima Batteries

Optima batteries have a spiral design, which provides a durable and clean fuel source. The advanced technology used in the batteries surpasses the quality of any lead-acid batteries. These high-performance AGM batteries constantly rank higher than their competition.

Optima YellowTop AGM Battery

Optima YellowTop

  • The Optima YellowTop AGM is a high-quality dual-purpose battery.
  • The battery has unmatched cycling capabilities and above-average cranking power.
  • The rechargeable battery is ideal for modern vehicles.
  • The YellowTop is rugged, and it can constantly come back from deep power drains. When it is fully charged, it can power several electronics at the same time.
  • The low internal resistance gives the battery more power, and the consistent output charges the battery faster.

Optima RedTop AGM Battery

Optima RedTop

  • The Optima RedTop AGM battery is designed to deliver a strong start every time the battery is cranked.
  • The RedTop can outlast the traditional battery, and its high-quality power delivery is perfect for demanding cranking applications.
  • The durability makes the battery less likely to malfunction in difficult situations.

Optima BlueTop AGM Battery

Optima BlueTop

  • The Optima BlueTop AGM battery offers three times more recharges, and it will keep your motor home or boat running longer than with a traditional battery.
  • It is the perfect battery for electronic trolling vehicles and boats.
  • It can withstand the energy drain of on-board electronics that are common in boats.
  • The battery can recharge faster than traditional batteries, and it has vibration resistance.

Optima is a trusted US company, and we are confident that you will be impressed with their products.